Cinque consigli per affrontare il primo viaggio in aereo - Milan Bag

Five tips for your first flight

There are different ideas about travelling on a plane: some people love it, some people prefer to stay safe on the land. What you should know about planes is that each flight is different but they are the safest means of transportation in the world. Here there’s a list of tips for people who attend the first flight:
1. To know about plane’s movements that could seem strange. The best way to overcome your fear is to know how everything works. You can read specific books, or, why not, also a specific course.
2. To follow safety instructions during demonstration. When cabin crew shows us how to handle with security bell or life vest we must follow this demonstation, they are important for every situation of risk on a plane. We hope to never use those security devices but it’s usefull to know how to handle with them or to know the meaning of the lights on the panel above our heads.
3. Solutions for anxiety during flight. The first flight could be scaring but the most important thing is to distract yourself. All the elettronic devices must be offline but you can download some films or music the day before the flight and enjoying it with your headphones or earphones on. This will help you to focus on something else and stay calm. If it doesn’t work you can use some drugs with melatonin or some Bach flowers that are natural methods to calm down.
4. Personal objects inside the handluggage. Don’t forget to put inside your handluggage or bag all the necessary for you. You must take your medicines if you’re following a specific therapy, don’t forget to put some particular snacks if you have specific food needs. Take a powerbank for your devices in order to use it without worries or a book to not get bored during flight. If necessary, we suggest you to make a list of important objects that you must take with you on your trip before you close your luggage.
5. Talk with flight crew. Ask them your questions about noise that can be strange for us, they will explain you what it is and give you specific answer.