Carta d'identità o passaporto? - Trasporto e deposito bagagli Aeroporti di Milano - Milan Bag

Id or passport?

Before going on a trip you have to know if you need just your ID card or a passport. Nowadays, thanks to the European Union and Shengen territories there are few nations asking for a Visa before the arrival. If you’re travelling from Italy to a European Union Countries you don’t need a passport but just your ID card at the check-in desk. We remind you that not all european countries are part of the EU and you must control before your flight.
For the rest of the world, instead, you need a passport and also a Visa that will be demand at the arrival. Countries like Australia, Japan, China, Thailand etc., they require a Visa before entering the country; in the USA instead they require an elettronic visa, named Esta, that must be asked 72 hours before the flight.
We remind you that every country can change their disposition of documents for flight and you must check before booking a flight.