A cosa serve AirTag di Apple? - Trasporto e deposito bagagli Aeroporti di Milano - Milan Bag

What is Apple AirTag?

A revolutionary object perfect for those people who use to forget where they leave their keys or bags or other daily objects. Apple AirTag is a smart tracker to which you can connect any object so that you can always track it in real time with your smartphone and refind it in case of theft or lost. It’s a little accessory made in white plastic and metal with the aim of being connected to an objetct to be easily found;
The launch is via Bluetooth and the research will be done by the app “Find My” in every Apple device, this app will light your AirTag up and ring, after that the position and coordinate of the object will appear on your screen.
As any creation of the famous American brand it has different accessories that let you apply this tracker to every object you want. There are polyutethane or leather accessories made with a bigger lace to be hooked in bags or lagguages, but there’s also the simple one made for keys with a metal ring and leather. All of these solutions have also different colours to choose.
It is the perfect solution for those who travel a lot, for who wants to feel safe, for those who forgets everything everywhere.